Mob Makes Us More Determined Than Ever To Re-Elect President Trump

Since many have asked, I wanted to update you about what happened as we left the President’s amazing acceptance speech at the White House. I’ve included a couple of positive photos that I hope you will enjoy as well as links to tweets and stories to go a bit more in-depth on various subject discussed here.

Large groups of domestic bullies bent on terrorizing attendees (just as they’ve terrorized our cities and harmed innocent people) were waiting for guests at all exits as we left the White House  grounds.

As we were leaving the South Lawn Thursday night, Secret Service directed us out via 17th street versus 15th Street. Why? The “protestors” were so out of control on 15th street they feared for our safety. The “peaceful protesters” had a guillotine and were bashing a Trump mannequin among other things.

We couldn’t see any evidence that they were interested in peacefully protesting for social or racial justice on Thursday night. If that truly is what BLM is fighting for, they have a very odd way of trying to achieve it. And allowing Antifa thugs to be a part of their efforts is unconscionable.

As we left the property, we faced a rowdy, yelling, jumping mob. They yelled “f*ck you, you are f*cking stupid, chanted “shame shame shame,” threw scooters & trash at people, said we deserved death by guillotine, blocked the walking path by continuing to ride and stop their bikes in front of people to harass them, they rode their scooters close to use to call us names based on the color of our skin and their assumptions about our politics.

The world saw how they surrounded, intimidated, and assaulted Sen. Rand Paul and his wife. We saw how other couples were harassed and intimidated. As the only woman in our group, I also had different, sexual-assault type of barbs and threats thrown my way in addition to the hate we all got because we are Republicans and support President Donald J. Trump.

We appreciated the police presence in DC on Thursday night. It is appalling to see the way these brave men and women are treated – being spit upon, having their faces and ears yelled into sometimes with a bullhorn, being pelted by projectiles and incendiary devices, being shoved, pushed, and baited while remaining strong and professional. Democrat mayors allow the people who work for them and their cities to be placed in danger because of the political decisions that are made in protected offices far from the mayhem.

Though we were verbally harassed and physically intimidated for the majority of the 1.5 mile walk that I did in heels (tripled because of road closures, blockades, and blood-thirsty mobs), we made it safely back to our hotel unscathed. And now Mike and I are more determined than ever to re-elect President Trump and Republicans all the way down the ballot. Seeing Democrat rule up close and personal is a powerful motivator!

The people mobbing us emanated hate and vitriol. Burning flags, bringing guillotines, feeling empowered by the Democrat “leaders” who have egged them on and the media who have belittled police and called riots “peaceful protests” when anyone with a brain can tell that looting, burning, scribbling hate-filled, anti-American/anti-police graffiti, and outright anarchy are not peaceful civil disobedience. ENOUGH.

This movement is terrorizing America as a means to force us to cower and comply. It’s an attempt to harass, intimidate, and implement mob rule. The problem is – they don’t seem to know WHAT they want. They’ve become the monsters they claim to hate.

The Left cries out that our country has a systemic racism issue: that many Americans automatically react, respond, and/or treat people differently because of the color of their skin. How does assaulting, intimidating, terrorizing and harassing people or destroying cities and suburbs help us stop race-based hate? IT DOESN’T!

We have work to do. The Left should call out the rioting & violence for what it is. The “leaders” in Democrat-run cities that have been taken over by Antifa and BLM across the country must stop the madness and get the help they need from the Federal government.  People inciting others to “get strapped” and “burn this s**t down” while calling to “rip Trump out of that office over there, pull him out of that s**t; we ain’t about waiting for the next fu**ing election, we about going over and getting that mother fu**er”” & “it’s time for revolution” should be investigated by the Secret Service.

America is a country of law and order – we are not a country where citizens cower in fear of the people who believe they are above the law,  empowered by their political affiliation with the Democrats and their hatred of our exceptional nation. It’s up to us to stand tall, to remain sane, to act professionally and peacefully, to expose the lies of the Left and the media, and to lead our country through this tumultuous time so we remain the shining city that is essential to our world! #MAGA

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