Look at Trump & Biden Side by Side and It's Clear Biden Is the Real Racist

While Democrats enter the second night of their virtual national convention, Americans should expect to see plenty of mudslinging.

It’s no surprise that Democrats will go into overdrive to convince the American people that the Republican nominee is racist. However, this did not start with Donald Trump, and in the current climate of Black Lives Matters street protests and riots in cities across the country, the “obstruct and resist” party is not afraid to go low.

So what are the facts? We’ll get to the truth by examining both candidates side by side, and while we’re at it, let’s see if you can correctly guess which one is being described.

This candidate was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, which embodies “the spirit of America in … celebration of patriotism, tolerance, brotherhood and diversity.” He received the award at the same time as Rosa Parks and Muhammed Ali.

His name? Donald Trump.

One of the candidates, while opposing federal busing of children to integrate schools in the 1970s, said, “Unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle.”

His name? Joe Biden.

Let’s keep going.

One of the candidates served in the White House during an administration that gave the most money to historically black colleges and universities.

That person? Donald Trump.

One of the candidates, in 2007, described Barack Obama as “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.”

Yeah, that was Joe Biden.

One of the candidates advanced policies that led to the lowest unemployment rate ever recorded among African-Americans and Latinos.

That would be Donald Trump.

One of the candidates told a popular African-American podcast host that if he had not decided to vote for him, then “You ain’t black.”

Yikes … Joe Biden.

One of the candidates successfully passed, with bipartisan support, federal criminal justice reform, which is helping alleviate disparities in sentencing of minorities.

A huge accomplishment by – you guessed it – Donald Trump.

One of the candidates said, “What you all know but most people don’t know, unlike the African-American community with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly different attitudes about different things” during an interview with minority journalists.

Joe Biden.

And, lastly, which candidate did Sen. Kamala Harris say the following to:

“I agree with you when you commit yourself to the importance of finding higher ground. But I also believe, and it’s personal — and I was actually very — it was hurtful to hear you talk about the reputations of two United States senators who built their reputations and career on the segregation of race in this country.”

If you guessed Joe Biden, you guessed right.

Consider how Kamala Harris, the same person who publicly proclaimed her belief in the sexual harassment accusations against Joe Biden, has now opportunistically abandoned #MeToo in order to climb the political ladder as Biden’s vice-presidential running mate.

Why would anyone trust a vice-presidential candidate when they have so blatantly reversed their positions on so many issues for the sole purpose of gaining power?

Make no mistake, the Democrats’ accusations that President Trump is a racist are little more than political theater. In fact, it is a tactic right out of Karl Marx’ playbook – accuse your enemy of what you yourself are doing.

There is only one racist in the 2020 election, and his name is Joe Biden. It was Biden who actively fought for segregation, lied about his involvement in the Civil Rights movement and continuously makes outrageously offensive comments about minority Americans.

But the American people are wise to the game now, and with November just around the corner, the days of the Democrats’ race-baiting charade will soon come to an end.

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