2024 National Convention


The 2024 Republican National Convention will take place July 15–18 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


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The Role of a Republican National Committee Member:
The Republican National Committee (RNC) is comprised of 168 members, one man, one woman and the State Party chairman from each state and territory. The National Committee operates many committees that ultimately help nominate the Republican candidate for President as well as maintaining rules and a platform to govern the overall direction of the party. The National Committeeman and National Committeewoman represent our state 3-4 times per year at official RNC meetings. RNC members are personally responsible for bearing the costs associated with all RNC activities, including flights to and from meetings, staying at the hotels that the RNC chooses, costs associated with attending the quadrennial RNC Convention and other costs depending on the meeting and duty schedule while serving on the RNC.


Essential Duties:
At the national level, the National Committeeman and Committeewoman’s primary role is to elect the leadership of the Republican National Committee. They are also integral to the formulation of national policies through The Rules of the Republican Party, the Republican Party Platform and Member-submitted resolutions. Other committees that are formed at the RNC are filled by RNC members. The national delegation is expected to attend all quarterly meetings. When the RNC meets, they vote on proposals that maintain essential business of the party such as review of the annual RNC budget, review of member-submitted resolutions and review & interpretation of Party Rules, among other things. On a state and local level, the National Committeeman and Committeewoman serve as leaders in the AZGOP and fulfil several different roles including: fundraiser, cheerleader, activist, motivator and more. RNC Members can, from time to time, act as spokespersons for the National Committee and respective state party committees. Terms of Office An RNC Committee Member is elected to a four-year term which commences at the adjournment of the Republican National Convention immediately following their election and lasts until the adjournment of the following quadrennial National Convention. *Note- a preliminary rules change modifying the term of NCW NCM from commencing following the national convention (July 2024) to commencing in January following the general election (January 2025) was moved forward in January 2024, and a final vote on this rules change will be taken at the national convention in July 2024.

Download a PDF of the Role of a Republican National Committee Member

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