RNC, RPAZ Get Crucial Win In Maricopa County Lawsuit

For Immediate Release
Contact:Ben Peterson

Following the news that Maricopa County has started releasing key poll worker information, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and RPAZ Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward released the following statement.

“Following a joint RNC and RPAZ lawsuit, Maricopa County has released its breakdown of hired poll workers in a massive victory for our Republican election integrity coalition. After the disparity that occurred during the primary, it’s unfortunate that it took two Republican lawsuits to get this basic level of transparency and for the County to follow the law, but we are glad to see an even breakdown of Republican and Democrat poll workers nonetheless. The RNC and RPAZ will continue fighting to promote free, fair, and transparent elections in Arizona with midterms just 19 days away.”

According to Maricopa County, the County has hired 84% of its outstanding positions so far, with a breakdown of hired poll workers as follows.
792 Democrats and 839 Republicans at polling centers statewide.
125 Democrats and 134 Republicans at MCTEC (Maricopa Tabulation and Election Center), where central counting takes place on election night.
On October 4th the Republican National Committee (“RNC”) and the Republican Party of Arizona (“RPAZ”) sued Maricopa County. This lawsuit challenged Maricopa County’s lack of transparency and its refusal to turn over public records regarding their statutory duty to ensure that both parties have equal representation in the number of poll workers.
This legal victory follows another similar legal victory in Clark County, Nevada in which the county agreed to share poll worker data following an RNC lawsuit.
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