Injunction filed against Arizona Education Head Kathy Hoffman

For Immediate Release
Contact:Kristy Dohnel
(Scottsdale, AZ) Last week, an injunction was filed against Arizona's Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman due to an online chat space on the Arizona Department of Education website that violates ARS 1-602: Arizona Parental Bill of Rights.

The chat room, QueerChat, commonly referred to as Q-Chat, is directed toward young children in the LGBTQ+ community ages 13-19. However, there is no verification process for users' ages. They encourage children to chat with unlicensed adults regarding hypersexual topics. These topics include generic themes to lure kids in like Pokemon, Marvel Comics, and Spider-Man to attract visitors to the site. In addition to explicit chat rooms such as "Sex and Relationships," "Let's Talk about Substance Abuse," "Sex Education," "Saliendo del Closet," "Let's go Lesbians," and for Trans/Non-Binary Youth: Back-to-School Basics: "All things names, pronouns, bathrooms, and gender gear."

To join, the child must answer personal questions about their sexual orientation and gender identity while inputting information such as their date of birth, email, cell phone number, etc. The chats also feature a quick escape button that enables children to exit the chatroom effortlessly and allows them to hide their online activities from their parents or guardians. Hoffman is working to actively suppress parental consent and oversight of their children's lives.

Q-Chat is a sexual predator's dream and Kathy Hoffman is using your tax dollars to push it into your children's classrooms and homes.

One of the organizations behind Q-Chat is Planned Parenthood, which has become more aggressive in offering gender transition "services" to minors. Including dispensing hormones to trans-identifying teens without verifying medical records or parental consent. 

Under Democrat Kathy Hoffman our schools focus on indoctrination and woke-ism more than they do on educating our children. We call on all parents, educators, and citizens to insist that Hoffman remove queer chat from the taxpayer-supported, official website of the Arizona Department of Education.
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