Arizona Democrat Party Chair Calls for Defunding the Police

For Immediate Release
Contact:Kristy Dohnel
(Scottsdale, AZ) Yesterday, during a jaw-dropping interview featuring the Arizona Democrat Party Chairwoman, Raquel Terán endorsed the defund the police policy and movement. In addition, Terán outlined the test Democrats must pass to receive the Planned Parenthood endorsement. 

Terán, also the State Representative from LD 30, shared the litmus test for Democrat candidates to win Planned Parenthood’s endorsement. To receive the endorsement, candidates must demonstrate their intention toward efforts to defund the police. Candidates must reject financial support from police associations and law enforcement agencies.

After being asked several times, “Do you support defunding the police?” Raquel Terán refused to give a direct answer and replied that her policy view is to “reimagine how we use resources” towards policing our communities. Then she went on to call Planned Parenthood a “trusted partner” of the Democrat Party. 

This is in stark comparison to the Republican Party of Arizona, who view police and law enforcement as a “trusted partner.”  We call on all political candidates in Arizona to refuse and condemn an endorsement from the anti-police organization of Planned Parenthood. 

Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward responded, “Planned Parenthood has control over Arizona Democrats. Advocating for abortion isn’t enough. Now, in order to get a Planned Parenthood endorsement, Democrats ALSO have to pledge to defund the police. Arizona Democrats represent some of the most unsafe communities in our state. As we’ve seen, defunding and demeaning the police endangers the people in these places as well as risks the lives of law enforcement officers sworn to protect us. The only way to make Arizona safe, healthy, and prosperous again is to vote Republican up and down the ballot.”
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