RNC Opens Hispanic Community Center In Phoenix And Blake Masters Launches Hispanic Coalition

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Contact:Ben Petersen
(Phoenix): The Republican National Committee (RNC) opened its latest Hispanic Community Center in Phoenix last night and hosted the launch of the “Estamos con Blake Masters” coalition in partnership with Blake Masters, the Republican Party of Arizona (RPAZ), and the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC).

Republican nominee for Senate Blake Masters, Representative Teresa Martinez, RNC National Committeeman Tyler Bowyer, RPAZ Executive Director Pam Kirby, Republican National Hispanic Assembly Arizona Chairwoman Lori Martinez, and small business owner Gloria Badilla addressed a packed crowd at the south Phoenix location.

“We welcome Hispanic voters into the Republican Party. We welcome you into our coalition,” said Blake Masters. “We are excited to launch the ‘Estamos con Blake’ coalition and open this RNC Hispanic Community Center here in south Phoenix. Hispanic voters share our values and share our deep concern for the direction of our country, so we are making a historic effort and investment to reach out and win over Hispanic Arizonans.”

“This center is part of our party’s commitment to building relationships with the Hispanic community,” said RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel. “Democrats take Hispanic voters for granted, and we want to earn your vote and build a better future for our children. We are going to send Blake Masters to the Senate, elect Kari Lake as governor and light up the board with Republican victories in November. The road to saving America runs right through Arizona.”

“Welcoming fellow members of the Hispanic community into the Republican Party is a cause near and dear to my heart,” said RPAZ Executive Director Pam Kirby. “This Hispanic Community Center and the launch of the ‘Estamos con Blake’ coalition are a clear representation of the Republican Party’s historic investment and grassroots energy focused on Hispanic outreach at every level. Estamos con Blake Masters, and we will work tirelessly to elect him to the Senate this November.”

The new Hispanic Community Center in Phoenix will serve as a hub of activity in the lead-up to the 2022 midterm elections as part of our permanent, data-driven ground game in Arizona. The center is a place to come together, host events and spark conversations with Hispanic Arizonans. 

At a time when Joe Biden and Mark Kelly’s inflation, gas prices and rising crime are crushing Hispanic families in Maricopa County, Republicans are talking about our shared values and the solutions that will bring down inflation, lower gas prices and promote public safety.

Republicans’ Hispanic outreach this year has included hosting community-focused events in south Phoenix like backpack giveaways, neighborhood parties and voter registration drives at gas stations.

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