Democrat Corporation Commission Candidate Lauren Kuby mocks Republican Attorney General Candidate Abe Hamadeh's Military Uniform

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Contact:Kristy Dohnel
(Scottsdale, AZ) Over the weekend, Arizona Democrat Candidate for Corporation Commission Lauren Kuby, openly mocked Arizona Republican Candidate for Attorney General Abe Hamadeh on Twitter for posting a picture of himself in his military uniform advocating for the support of American Democracy. Kuby's comments, "Are you trying out your Halloween costume? #GIJoe," are disrespectful, hypocritical, and qualify her as unfit to serve. 

Military service may be a big joke for Kuby, but at the Republican Party of Arizona, we support our active duty service members and veterans. Abe Hamadeh is a patriot and a proud member of our armed services who served as an intelligence officer in the U.S. Army Reserve and just returned from a 14-month-long deployment to Saudi Arabia. Abe is determined to protect and serve Arizona as our Attorney General, just as he did overseas in our military.

Kuby's disgraceful conduct is unbecoming of a public servant. The RPAZ calls on Lauren Kuby to apologize to Abe and U.S. Military Servicemen for her disrespectful comments. While the Biden Administration and Democrats cry out for unity ahead of the November Elections, the remarks from Kuby highlight the disillusioned candidates the Democrats have on the Arizona ticket this fall. 

On the other hand, Republican Corporation Commission candidates Nick Myers and Kevin Thompson are common-sense conservatives dedicated to tackling the issues affecting Arizonans today. Instead of focusing on Twitter "culture war" issues like Lauren Kuby, Kevin and Nick are ready to make Arizona the leader in Energy Independence. They will keep utility costs low by working with the private and public sectors, not against them.

Nick is currently at the Corporation Commission as a policy advisor. With on-the-job training, he can start serving Arizonans on day one. Similar to Nick, Kevin comes from a public service background. As a former Air Force combat veteran and member of the Mesa City Council, Kevin has the leadership qualifications needed to run the Corporation Commissioner office effectively.

Statement from Republican Corporation Commission Candidate Kevin Thompson: “Lauren’s anti-military remarks are a slap in the face to our veterans and an insult to every member of our military. To mock our uniforms as a “costume” and imply that any member of the military who has courageously stood on that fence line and protected our great nation didn’t serve honorably is shameful. Her conduct shouldn’t be tolerated, and it’s a sad revelation of her personal politics and willingness to pander to her base.”
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