Katie Hobbs Attempts to Pull a Fast One on Arizona Voters Spoiler: She’s not fooling anyone

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Contact:Kristy Dohnel

(Scottsdale, AZ)  In a new ad, it appears that the Hobbs campaign has finally realized that the constituency of Arizona does not buy into Katie’s radical agenda and actually wants policies that put America First. With recent numbers dropping last week that have Kari Lake climbing in the polls. Katie was left no choice but to pivot. As a result, she is now making a desperate last-ditch attempt to change the tone of her campaign and clone herself as a “moderate.”  Arizonans know that this is far from the truth.

In her most recent campaign ad, Hobbs claims that she will “keep our border secure.”  This statement is absurd implying that the border was secure to begin with.  On top of that, Katie cannot expect the people of Arizona to forget her atrocious record when it comes to border security.  

For example, there are:
That time Katie Hobbs voted for lawless “sanctuary cities”

That time Katie Hobbs tried to blame the Biden Border Crisis on former President Trump

That time Katie Hobbs voted against tougher penalties for criminal illegal immigrants

That time Katie Hobbs failed to remember when was the last time she visited the border

That time Katie Hobbs voted against the border wall

That time Katie Hobbs imagined no wall in Southern Arizona

That time Katie Hobbs refused to rule out removing the National Guard from Arizona’s border

That time Katie Hobbs supported Biden ending Title 42 border protections, then completely flip-flopped her stance

That time Katie Hobbs said “The border is a federal issue […] I think we have other priorities in our state that we should be directing our resources to”

That time Katie Hobbs tried to defund the Border Strike Force

That time Katie Hobbs denied there was a crisis at the border

That time Katie Hobbs said “it’s ridiculous” that border security is “a core issue in the governor’s race”

The truth of the matter is that in terms of border security and policy, Katie Hobbs has been one of the worst politicians in history.  She has actively worked against securing Arizona’s border her entire career.  Here at the Republican Party of Arizona, we view Katie Hobbs and her team’s attempt to trick an entire state into forgetting her anti-border security history as an insult to the intelligence of Arizonans.

“This advertisement is more than just an insult to the intelligence of Arizonans, it is proof that Katie Hobbs believes that she is smarter than the people of Arizona and that she should not be held responsible for her failed policies.”- Jerimiah Cota, Political Director, Republican Party of Arizona
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