After Weeks of Stalling, Katie Hobbs Formally Announces She is too Afraid to Debate Kari Lake

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Contact:Kristy Dohnel
(Scottsdale, AZ) Last Friday, rather than accept the invitation to debate Kari Lake, Katie Hobbs tried to propose a ludicrous scenario where the two candidates would receive separate, individual interviews with a moderator.

Fortunately, the Citizens Clean Elections Commission rejected Hobbs' proposal and dismissed the nonsensical circus that the fake "debate" would become.
Republican Party of Arizona Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward remarks,
"Voters should be very suspicious that Katie Hobbs, a sitting Secretary of State is unwilling to stand side by side with Kari Lake and answer questions in a head-to-head matchup. What is Katie Hobbs trying to hide? This unwillingness is yet another reason why Hobbs is unfit to serve our great state.”

It's one thing for Hobbs to "stand up for democracy" on MSNBC and with liberal talk show hosts, but when we are mere weeks away from the election, she does not have the courage for it. 

In typical Hobbs fashion, she is following the Biden-Basement campaign method by disengaging and hiding. Hobbs refused to debate her Democratic Primary opponent earlier this year and has been absent on the campaign trail. Comparatively, it has not been hard to find Katie's former campaign staffers who quit because of her "toxic" work environment.

Hobbs' decision demonstrates her unwillingness to defend her radical policies. So far, Hobbs' mediocre candidacy has comprised of flip-flopping open borders policy, her close association with various "defund the police" organizations, racial discrimination lawsuits that cost taxpayers millions of dollars, and general mismanagement.

Arizona faces a variety of challenges including water scarcity, a growing teacher shortage, declining test scores, and a border crisis that the federal government continues to ignore. These problems cannot be solved by a weak and cowardly politician like Hobbs.

While Katie Hobbs hides out in Phoenix, pretending to care about issues relative to voters, Kari Lake is actively present on the campaign trail. Working with voters to devise pragmatic solutions to the issues plaguing Arizona today. 
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